I sit outside with my laptop, aware of the changing light.  The wind blows through the trees, and the fog is on approach.

I know this is a hectic weekend for some, Labor Day weekend, though the intention was, and the purpose is, for renewal and rest.

My long-term book group has been looking for a light, happy book but not too light, obviously, but happiness has an appeal.  This month we chose a book by Miriam Toewes, All My Puny Sorrows.

I thought this weekend would be the perfect time to read it, and it is, and because it deals with living and dying, I often need to pause.

In this pause, I check out the author, renowned and loved in Canada, but my book group wasn’t familiar with her.  If you want to learn about her and her books, click here: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/03/25/a-beloved-canadian-novelist-reckons-with-her-mennonite-past

There are many wonderful lines from the book, but I am most struck with the pianist’s advice to a student on how to play the piano.  “Learn to play around the notes on the piano.”  

I sit with the broader meaning, the awareness of space, and its expansiveness, and how the space between galaxies is increasing.  

Aligned with the universe, I, too, can expand, can increase the space between, and in, my cells.

A friend recently “diagnosed” me as a Seeker.  I receive that as a compliment even as I release the ties that seek.

Yesterday I was at the Presidio in San Francisco, one of my favorite places.  I share its spaciousness here.

The Father of Cinema

Beauty and Peace


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