The joke about where I live is that when it rises to 74 degrees, people ask, “How are you doing in this heat?”  We are delicate flowers but I slept with windows and doors open and woke to birds twittering and calling me to come outside where the words “holy, holy, holy” fill my chest.

Since it’s fall, I figure the birds are singing with pure joy since it’s late in the year to look for a mate. 

Perhaps because I was born in October, this time of year feels super-sacred to me, as though I’m still in the womb, adding an extra pound or two, well, unfortunately that part is still true, but there’s such reverence for me on this first day of September.

Yesterday a friend and I planned to go to our local Shakespeare in the Park and we were near.  We saw the actors and stage, but then it was so beautiful in Old Mill Park, we moved down by the stream to talk.  It’s quite something to hear Shakespeare from afar. Perhaps it’s how the stars feel as they listen to our calls. Surely our drama and complaints vibrate the gravitational field both near and far.

I’m more aware of vibration these days, more aware of what I put out into the world as to anger or blame, and what I bring in to myself as to “shoulds”.  I believe there is a place to let all that go, and rejoice, and call like the birds in fall. And now one cheeps and chirps right outside the window.  “Come out and play,” and so I will.

Blessings for us all!


4:00 light in the stream

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