I’m not sure why this little fire hydrant has such meaning for me but it stood steadfastly outside our room in Spanish Bay, like a little sentry ready to protect the trees and me from fire.

I appreciate how it’s painted to blend in.  In certain light, it stands unseen, and I wonder what else I don’t notice or see, depending on the light, and my openness to insight.

My small and powerful friend

I’m also impressed with a push-button fireplace.  I’ve used them before but somehow this time I can’t stop thinking of what’s involved in making a fire: cutting wood, carrying it in, arranging it just right, lighting it, and now we push a button, wait twenty seconds, and voila a fire with a timer, so fire for an hour or two and then it turns itself off. 

I’m reminded of Arthur C. Clarke’s third Law: 

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Profiles of the Future (revised edition, 1973)

That brings me to cookies.  I love cookies, all kinds of cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal, lemon drops, but just like too many cookies in the stomach, too many cookies on a computer can be a problem.  I’ve calmly mentioned that I’ve been having problems posting on WordPress. It seems I needed to delete my cookies. 

At first, I was gingerly going through deleting them one by one, but my son said to delete all of them, and then, choose the ones I want to keep.  It seems we need cookies, but not all of them. I did this, hoping all my problems were solved but that’s not it and so now I’m switching from Safari to Chrome, and a different computer, and trusting technology as magic, I’ll see if this posts. If not, I’ll find a tree to dance around after gathering wood to make a “real” fire. Ah, and it seems this is not the day for that, as here you and I are, blissed in connection, trust shared.

May this day refresh each moment with awareness of changing light and in honor of William Blake, the cultivation and reception of Energy as eternal delight.

Honoring solidity, fluidity, and the movement of sea and clouds

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