This morning I woke feeling what I interpreted as the quantum field though it felt like bliss.  My heart sparked waves of connection.

Having savored days sitting by the ocean watching waves, I still seem to be floating in a rhythm of up and down, a flow of in and out, a living awareness that light is both particle and wave.  

I’m aware of ankles and wrists, desiring them to open with more fluidity to connect hands and feet, to more clearly meet and expand my ability to receive and touch the inner and outer world.

All of this seems to originate in the area of the heart, a vibrational frequency that comforts and lifts my head on its stem to survey what surrounds in a rise of curiosity.  

I peruse the savanna of my life, the trees, reach back wondering if I can remember living in trees, then climbing carefully down from that safety to explore and stand on two feet.

What unites and invites me now?  I shiver with anticipation as I both reach and wait to receive.

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