Morning Thoughts:

There’s no wind, another day of no wind.  My nine wind chimes are silent sentries, hanging straight, and yet PGE has continued to cut power to my area because they insist there is wind.

This continual bombardment of non-facts is getting to me, and yet I can be grateful. It allows me to work with balancing on same-same, and Is that so?  I think to myself, “shoulders have space,” and in response, shoulder blades float apart, left and right, each a sail open to catch the wind, like wings in flight.

I don’t mind when I don’t have electricity because of wind and/or rain, but when there is neither, and the only sound is the sound of neighboring generators,  I struggle with equanimity. I don’t live in the wilderness. I’m a ten minute drive from San Francisco when there is no traffic, which is rare.  Yesterday traffic was grid-locked much of the day. We talk of evacuating during a fire. We can’t even move cars on a clear, calm day.  

I note though that the Blue Angels haven’t been practicing for their weekend display. Perhaps someone realized it might appear insensitive to hear jets screaming and rumbling overhead when we sit below without power, knowing our president has given permission to slaughter people as well as the environment. Maybe cancelling the Blue Angels flying over the Bay Area might make sense.

We live in a world of interdependence, and that requires each organism to function at the height of intuitive and intellectual powers though we seem to be struggling with an honoring of that. Meanwhile, PGE insists the wind is coming, and while food spoils, there is no update, and there is no wind.  

I comfort myself with the words of Thoreau.  “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  What I see, in this moment, is sunlight spreading gold over a landscape so still it could be a photo. 

Meanwhile at 5 this morning, I enjoyed a lovely conversation with a local man who was grateful his coffee stand had power.  I was grateful too. I bought two lattes, two hard-boiled eggs, two bananas, and two baked goodies for $14.00. I kept insisting he undercharged me.  He said he doesn’t believe in $5.00 lattes.  Maybe the whole lesson in this is an affirmation of what we already know.  Shop local and support the person who provides coffee at five in the morning and eggs from chickens that live down the street.  Coyote Coffee. Hooray!  

I don’t want to appear in a less than positive mood.  Aware of my occiput, I bend my head forward to beckon elasticity, and in response, the laughter of the universe, the ringing, twinkling of stars in the sky bell, chimes.  

I wonder if God/Goddess isn’t playing with PGE as something must show there is wind when all is as calm as can be.  They wouldn’t mislead, would they?

And so it is to enjoy the universe at play, and be with these words of Thich Nhat Hanh.  

When we walk like we are rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth.  We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth. Be aware of your contact between your feet and the earth.  Walk as if you’re kissing the earth with your feet.

I can do that. Breathe in calm.  Breathe out peace.

And now it’s afternoon. I wrote the above this morning content with a private vent.  I didn’t have wifi and figured spewing anger into the air was even worse than walking angrily on the ground. 

I decided to go outside and water the yard, but then I got another emergency text that outdoor watering was not okay, and indoor use was limited.  Pumping water requires electricity and since PGE, well, you might begin to see. I was absorbing that, yes, okay, fine, we’ve done water rationing before but then I looked at my plants wilting in the heat, and explained the situation to them, and while we, well, while I, was trying to calm, Blue Angels rumbled and streaked overhead.  It’s Fleet Week, and clearly not too windy for Blue Angels to fly.

And now I read of a fire in Moraga that was quickly extinguished, though the Moraga Police Chief Jon King said of the power shutoff.  “Honestly, it made it more difficult. We rely a lot on technology.

He added that, with no light and spotty cell service, the evacuations were a challenge. Police, firefighters and fellow neighbors went door-to-door to make sure residents got out.

And with that, I have nothing to say.

Morning Light

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