I returned home to see a huge buck jump over my neighbor’s very high wood fence. Wow!

In the past, there were no obvious fences here, and the deer roamed freely and had their babies in our yards, but now new neighbors put up fences, so we’re fenced in, and I feared the deer might be fenced out. Therefore, I was delighted to see this buck jump right out of their newly landscaped yard. What a treat! Because we’ve been outside so much at night with the power outage, we’ve been hearing browsing down below our deck, and it was wonderful to see in full leap the reason why.

Also, it seems complaints about PGE and their lack of response leapt into gear today, leapt as high as the deer, and so power is back on which means we can water our yard and children can go back to school. Hooray!

Friend Buck sharing our yard

Running through dried grass and trees

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