This is the third Sunday of Advent and that has meaning for some.  The day is softly coming to light.

I look up the meaning of advent, and come to “coming”.  I find myself coming to the word adventure, a place we come to explore and discover.  We each have our own way to worship. For me, it’s something deeply inner I’ve always felt and known.

I watch the sun rise and feel that rising in my chest.  It’s a new day.

I’m reading The Power of an Open Question by Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel.  She begins the book with her experience of rock-climbing in Colorado. She quickly learns rock-climbing forces her to pay attention. She has to notice “shallow patterns and textures in the rocks”.  

She says “Hanging off a rock is an exaggerated experience of facing the unknown.”  “When we can’t find a foothold, the mind falls into an open stillness – the same-open stillness we encounter in any situation in which we lose our familiar points. If we have the wherewithal to relax, we find our way.”

Knowing one can’t hang there forever, “we work with our own fear and slowly soften.  Now, this is the fascinating part: as we soften, we notice all kinds of new patterns and shapes emerging from the rock. We see places to balance we didn’t see before. We’re not doomed after all. As we soften and open, we access a special intelligence, unimpeded by habitual, reactive mind.”

For me, this time of year allows that.  It’s a time to notice and receive.

Softening like wax warmed by flickering flame, I look for new patterns and textures to open and touch like treasure chests. What invites me now?

Oh, look and see what rests atop the rocks!

Pigs Fly
Inside the Treasure Chest

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