We’ve occupied this abode for over 42 years.  Going through what’s here is like going through an archaeological dig.  How do I meet what I’ve gathered over the years with full perception and new and grateful heart?  

I  come to what I consider my most private room.  The white Bible with my maiden name engraved in gold is here.  It’s a gift from one grandmother. The Christian Science books from my other grandmother nestle close.  Both women were amazing and I bow to the wisdom and grace in my ancestry.  

In this room, I have an array of baskets that cluster a variety of things and today I delve into one to find a miniature herb garden kit my mother gave me right before she died.  I find a tiny spade, and four tiny two-inch pots with metal labels for Basil, Coriander, Parsley and Thyme. There’s a little book on herb gardening. In addition, there’s a set of cards, Creating Sacred Gardens Knowledge cards by Elizabeth Murray.  I pull out a card. It’s the Arch. 

 “The arch, one of the most sacred symbols of the ancient world, signifies openings and exits and the cycles of life-death-life and creation – destruction – re-creation.  It is also the symbol of the Earth Mother. Arches are prevalent in Druidic, Hindu, Arabic, and Greek temples, as well as in Christian churches.”

“Positioned over garden entrances, arches welcome us and offer a sense of grace and fluidity. They suggest a rainbow reaching from earth to heaven, bringing good luck and blessings.  Arches also make a particularly appropriate setting for marking rites of passage.”

The arch represents the soul’s longing for grounded and spiritual connection.  I sit with that now. Yes, that is my desire – grounded and spiritual connection, and so I envision an arch over my head, a rainbow dropping light like dew, transcendent awareness of gifts gathered here and everywhere.  


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