Our cat Tiger loves to sit and look at the moon.  Last night he was watching the sun set behind the ridge.  I called him in off the deck so I could close the door as it was cold but he looked at me with his big eyes, and said, “Look at what is happening”, so I, too, went outside and watched light come to dark. Then, together, refreshed, we came inside.

This morning I lay in bed waiting for the moment that invites me to rise.

I felt my heart like a diamond cut into facets to invite even more shine, or so I thought, but then I began to wonder about facets and if my imagery was quite right. From the Cape Town Diamond Museum I learned that though it might be considered desirable to have more facets, “in most cases, it depends on the perfect proportion and symmetry of the facets rather than the amount of facets”. 

So, now I’m back to balance, balancing the proportion and symmetry of the facets in my heart. 

I’m still cleaning out my house. The carpet cleaner comes today, and so again making way, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see that I have more facets than I need. Working with proportion and symmetry, I slice carefully into what is here to further increase sparkle, clarity, depth, and shine.

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