Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” in English and is about energy circulation and flow.  We harmonize with our environment, feel where energy is stuck. Last night I couldn’t sleep so rose and meditated in a newly cleansed room.  I could feel the energetic shift in the room, the opening, welcoming shift in me.

I’ve removed two standing bookcases as well as two shelves that were attached to the wall.  Artwork is down and only a few items returned, so the room echoes, and in that echoing, I wonder what comes to me now.

The full moon may also have affected my ability to sleep.  I sat in the dark, meditated, and sensed. Then the rain came.  I felt a need to be awake to witness the weather, earth, and moon in their shifts, echoed in me.  

I thought it was the Hunter’s full moon so meditated on predator and prey and Thich Nhat Hanh’s wonderful poem, “Please Call Me by My True Names”, where he explores and explains how we are everyone and everything, both predator and prey.

This morning I learn the January full moon is Wolf moon.  The wolves may have been howling, but I didn’t hear them last night.  Though I couldn’t see the moon I felt it’s light.

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