I woke this morning, embraced and bathing in Love.  Love is the only answer. It’s the fabric of the universe, the tissue that connects us, and there is enough.  Love is abundant, like life.

When I had my first child, I couldn’t imagine such love, and then, came the second, and there was an expansion of that love, a deeper immersion, a bath.  Love expands like the universe.

I watched Adam Schiff’s speech this morning.  “Right matters and truth matters. Otherwise we are lost.”

I don’t know why so many people are defending lies and corruption, but I’m expanding to trust that Love, Right, and Truth carry the day.

On Thursday, I walked home after taking my car to the garage to be checked. I like to cut over to the marsh on this bridge rather than walking on the road. I came to this sign.

Halt, Pause, Re-think

I back-tracked wondering why this sign right now. I think as a country we’re being asked to return to the values on which this country was founded, and yes, it was written by white men, but we have expanded to be more inclusive, and we need to keep moving forward with Love of the Truth and facts that demonstrate what’s right.

Looking Up
View from a different bridge

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