I learn today of the passing of a friend’s sister and sit with words of comfort.

After my mother’s passing, I wrote many poems.

This is one:

after her death

mother’s words cool

like brownies in a pan

and yet they warm my mouth and heart

like a lightning bug’s glow in my hand

My greatest comfort though comes from these words of John Squadra:

When you love, you complete a circle. When you die, the circle remains.

And there is this by A.R. Ammons.

The reeds give

way to the

wind and give

the wind away

Which brings me to the passage of wind and these words by Jorie Graham.

A wind moving round all sides,
a wind shaking the points of view out

like the last bits of rain ...

May we live fully and well, honoring the veils of view.

3 thoughts on “Death

  1. How appropriate this final poem. My sister was buried in an old country cemetery surrounded by fields that will probably be planted with corn in its season. Cold wind and rain broke for a couple of hours and heart-shaped white clouds blessed us. And now the full moon …

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