The wind is howling and though it’s February, I’m reminded of the saying, “The month of March blows in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. When I was a child growing up in Iowa, and the wind blew in like this, we’d head out to an open field with our kites.  

Today I read that the saying may come from the stars.  In March, Leo the lion is the rising sign, and as April arrives, it’s Aries, so March ends, a lamb before the ram. 

Now, sitting in a room newly painted and open to contemplation with still bare walls, I look up and notice the trees outside are painting on one wall.  I’m touched with the beauty, a lesson delicately swaying the gift of change.

My heart ties ribbons to the tail of a kite.

Trees offer shape, shadow, and movement to a wall inside my home

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