I type the word pause and think of paws. I’m reading a book from the point of view of the Dalai Lama’s cat. Meanwhile as we continue to clean out our home, both cats help. They are overseeing the process since everything belongs to them, and they need to ensure the choices of their staff are wise and considerate of their comfort and needs.

Bella ensconces herself on a couch stored downstairs that neither she nor anyone else has sat on in years, but she is clear it must stay.

The news outside our immediate environment is sobering, and so we continue our cleansing and cleaning out as a way to bring order to our small realm.  Each morning I read Heather Cox Richardson’s summary of the political day.

After reading her report, I give myself a shake and fluff imaginary feathers. I may not fly through the air like a bird, but this task of release affects the air in which I move and live. I honor that.

Our son Jeff is here to help.  He’s a fan of Marie Kondo and shares how refreshing it is to clean things out. I agree, but last night we were laughing as we checked out Marie Kondo’s on-line store.

It’s worth a look to see what she considers absolute necessity to fill the space now opened and cleared to view and review. I’m resisting the temptation of a Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel though on consideration maybe a political exfoliation is what is needed to cleanse the lens with which we see.

Enjoy and savor this sacred and beautiful day. Trust that love, care, and truth bring us back to center where the pause is root.

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