We spent yesterday going through stuff, and sorting into piles: trash, recycling, electronics, and give-away.

Amazingly, my journals from trekking in Nepal were uncovered/discovered.  I had searched everywhere but then, another pile lifted, and space in a downstairs closet opened, and now they are here.

In believing they were gone, I released, so now I wonder how to enter and when.

Of course I will know the time and place, and meanwhile we’re still in the stage of bigger movement and choice. Perhaps it’s not the time to sink into inner caverns and climb mountains, though as I type this, I want to say all is One. There is no differentiation, at least in theory, or practice.

I continue to read the book written from the point of view of the Dalai Lama’s cat, The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie.  The cat has managed to ingratiate herself with the owner of aa French cafe which means she’s treated like a queen and feasts on delicacies.  I don’t know if my cats are telepathically in sync with the cat in the book but suddenly their food, food they love, is not okay.  Their noses are turned up as they wait to be served beef bourguignon or coq au vin.

The Dalai Lama’s cat is learning about “pure presence”, no mental agitation or elaboration, no dwelling on thoughts of the past or the future.  Hmmm!

And here I am wondering how one balances this moment on all that has been and that comes.  Mindfulness.

Full mind, and perhaps as we continue to empty out our abode we make space in our minds for a more meaningful type of fullness. Certainly clutter is becoming organized and what was stored is open to air.

Meanwhile bees are delighting in the flowers in our yard and blossoms are blowing white petals like snow, as birds tweet joy in air that springs.

Blossoms fill air with scent

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