Today I’m with how we balance between earth and sky.  Gravity hugs us to the earth even as the stars invite us to rise.

Years ago, and repeatedly, I re-read Clifford D. Simak’s 1952 science fiction novel City.  The stories are about isolation, human isolation, and the one that intrigues me most is of a self-contained home, where a robot/robots take care of everything so there’s no reason to leave, and eventually one is unable to do so. Even if the desire might come, the robots ensure all is taken care of.  Why risk the influence of germs when one can interact through screens?

My neighbors are stocking up on supplies in fear we may be quarantined because of this virus.  Yes, there is a possibility, and yet those of us connected by computer will still share our news.

I sit outside with my plant friends, wondering how all of this will evolve, knowing there’s no way to know.  We are fighting like ants to survive.  

Meanwhile birds are singing and building nests.  I see my grandson through Facetime. His cheeks are rosy and round.  His eyes are big with wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery.

My book group recently read a book on the plague of 1666 and then another on the flu of 1918/19.  Who knows what today brings but both my kitties are sleeping comfortably and securely. Bella is here on the chair next to me, and Tiger is on the bed, and I trust that as we balance on response, all is well, as it is of course. To quote another science fiction source, “Trust the force,” and balance on the up and down teeter-totter of connection we interactively, creatively, and responsibly share.

Bridge with Ease

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