After I finished cancer treatment, I heard Alison Wright speak at Book Passage.  I bought her book, Learning to Breathe, One Woman’s Journey of Spirit and Survival.

After a horrific accident in Laos, where struggling to breathe, she knew she was going to die, she scrawled a message to her brother that she wasn’t afraid.

This is what happened next.  She writes:

“As I closed my eyes and surrendered, an amazing thing happened: I let go of all fear. My body took on a lightness as it was released from its profound suffering. I felt my heart expand, free of attachment and longing. A perfect calm came over me, a bone-deep peace I could never have previously imagined. There was nothing left to do, nowhere left to go.  There was also the realization that there was no need to be afraid; everything felt as though it was exactly as it was meant to be.”

“In that moment, I felt my spiritual beliefs transform into undeniable truths. As I lay there, I felt how interwoven every human spirit is with every other in the seamless mesh of the universe.  It occurred to me that the opposite of death is not life but love. I felt myself rise and emerge from the shell of pain laying below and, as I did so, realized that leaving the body only ends life, not our interconnectedness with those we care about.”

Fear seems to be wrapping a noose around the world.  Perhaps, we can surrender and trust what comes, loosening knots with Love.

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