It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the pink in the sky reminds me of my intention to wear pink today, not green. I intend to attract leprechauns, and their spray of fairy dust.  There is a place, many places in my yard where they hang out, but today is the day they venture more visibly forth.

Figuring we need to mobilize all we can, I toss a little magical thinking your way this day.

Legend states that the Christian missionary Patrick rid Ireland of snakes during the fifth century A.D by leading them to the sea.  Scientists say the climate of Ireland was not conducive to snakes since the Ice Age so one might ask themselves from where the story came.  

I conclude that like Buddha and Christ, Patrick was simply meeting and bringing forth his inner demons and leading them to the sea. There, begone, a gentle riddance, since demons snakes and salt are not a good mix.

Since many of us are sheltered in place and can’t visit the sea today, or maybe we don’t live near, I suggest we fill a glass or bowl with water, no salt, bless it with loving intention, and toss fear, anger, and sorrow into the glass or bowl. Then, visit a plant, and pour the water gently over, a baptism, a soothing release of fear, anger, and sorrow.

The plant will respond with a blast of oxygen, the fuel that sparks our bloom, and saintliness will cleanse the day. The moon is half right now, balancing yin and yang, as it strokes our heart with trust and liveliness that springs.

The moon , a light amidst ribbons of pink in the morning sky today

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