My Sensory Awareness Leader’s Group met this morning on Zoom.  There were 41 of us from five countries: the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

Coming together in this way, I felt as if each of us was holding a ribbon on a Maypole. We were circling with our ribbons, as we spun round and round.  Near the end of the over three hours, I felt the Maypole with its spinning ribbons and people attached center in my heart, and there was room for more, for the whole earth and even more in the widening center of my heart.  

Terry Ray began leading us to feel, sense, and ground.  I felt my shoulders were ten feet across, ready to hold the weight of the world. My pelvis felt tiny, squeezed small and rigid. The inside of my mouth was small and tight, a cave.  When I pressed my lips together, pursed them, I felt that press in my heart.  All of this changed with noticing and allowing, simply allowing what was needed to change.

Stefan Laeng led us to differentiate thinking and sensing.  When I let go of thinking, when I came into and dropped into my body, I felt fear, and as I stayed with the fear, I released into being breathed,  so simple, simply being breathed, no effort at all.

Lee Lesser led the third hour with a return to the mouth.  She continued to lead us in exploring and sensing, and then she read us something Elsa Gindler had done with her students during WWII in Berlin as she hid Jewish students from the Nazis. 

Experiment with it now. Make a fist. How does it feel to make and hold a fist? What happens, is happening? How is it then to slowly release the fist, to slowly open the hand? What happens to the breath, the feet, the heart?

You can check out the Sensory Awareness Foundation and the three leaders at the website:

It’s time to come together and swing around the pole of connection, and come into tender touch with ourselves, and through that, touch with others, and the world.

Embrace the possibilities unfolding in and around us now.

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