We still “shelter in place” though this morning I rose early and walked around my neighborhood.  No one was out; all are tucked.

I wonder if there is a collective fear I feel since all in my realm are fine, even though we are all separately tucked.  

My mantra continues to be the words of Charlotte Selver, my teacher of Sensory Awareness.  I first met Charlotte in 1993. Over and over again, she said, “Every moment is a moment.” “Every moment can be cherished.”

Sensory Awareness carried me through chemotherapy and radiation. I return again and again to her words.

“What we allow of sensitivity is closely associated with love and innocence. A person who is self-conscious cannot allow.”  

I wonder if the banding together that is now required as we figure out how to share and function as a community is allowing us to return to love and innocence.  We don’t know what’s coming but we do know we’re in this together. I isolate to protect others, to allow the pandemic to come to calm.  I’m not alone in this. I have my place to stand and rest, my place to cultivate peace.

Charlotte continues, “It must come out of the direct contact of our real inner connection.”

I continue to reach within, to feel and allow. I trust what’s there to come forth in support.

Yesterday on the Sensory Awareness call, Stefan Laeng played the songs of blackbirds he’d recorded. I felt my heart sing in response.

Charlotte said: “There is a certain relationship which I have to have with my inner functioning – that of respect and that of wonder.”

I marvel at the functioning of the natural world, the world within me, and the world of which I’m part.  Birds are singing and I hear their wings pulse as they fly. They are supported by the weight of movement and space in their structure. We share the air.

Jasmine climbs the fence, jubilantly luxurious in answering the call and thrust of Spring

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