Today I’m with the alveoli in my lungs, those little air sac canoes that hold air and grief. We’ve harmed the lungs of our planet, the rain forests and marshes, and now, they ask for healing as our confinement reduces pollution and the cutting of trees.

Today I remembered my Yogi Breathe Deep tea.  With its combination of thyme, licorice root, tulsi leaf, eucalyptus, mullein leaf, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, it supports respiratory health.  I steeped the tea with slices of fresh ginger, and added honey and lemon juice.

I feel my lungs, these great leaves that sweep and support my living and massage my heart pump with gratitude for my intention to nourish and support the moving gift I am.

Also, to offer perspective on “shelter in place”,  Anne Frank and 7 other people hid in a 450 square foot attic for 761 days.  

We can do this.  The San Francisco/Marin Food Bank is offering pop-up pantries.  This comes from their website, and obviously donations help.

We are working with San Francisco and Marin school districts to host pop-up food pantries at schools that are offering to-go meals for students. When students and parents pick up their breakfast and lunch, they will also be able to get pre-bagged groceries to take home. This will help make sure families have the food they need.  

People come together in support like our heart and our lungs.

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