Perhaps you have Nextdoor in your community.  Mine can be a source of anger and humor as one side of an issue of which there are many attacks another, but yesterday was a post that was brilliant.

The suggestion is that people go outside and howl at 8:00 at night.

This Shelter in Place is tough. We need a release. Join your neighbors outside at 8pm every night until this madness ends for a 5 minute howl.

Howl to let others know you are in this with them. How to support our health care workers and first responders. Howl just because it feels good. Howl with your kids before bedtime so they can unwind.

Just don’t touch your face!😘

I admit I fell asleep and missed the howling but the report is that it was quite successful.  Here is a place the country can unite.

Howl at 8:00 each night. The country will transform on the release, sound, vibration, connectivity, and fun.  It’s good for all ages from the elderly to the young.

And on this subject of the elderly, not only does my local grocery store offer an early morning hour for the elderly to shop alone and without those who might push them out of the way but now I learn that Cost-Co opens at 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday for the elderly.

My book group discussed this yesterday, online, of course.  We are becoming technology wizards. I read that tech stocks will soar when this is over since they’ve been a lifeline.  The point is we in our little group see ourselves as young, and now we are in a category of special care and treatment because we are at risk.  It’s an adjustment.

We also understand that if a choice must be made between two people as to who gets the ventilator, it won’t be us, and that is how it should be. Of course, we give way to the young. We honor renewal and transformation as we place our wisdom in a campfire of flames that when it comes to embers is perfect for roasting marshmallows, melting connection for s-mores.

Evening Sky

My heart flames

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