I’ve been reading David Abram who writes of what I’ve always felt, the aliveness in this world we share, the intelligence, and here we are, each of us arranging our sails to catch the wind and be amazing and abundant as we claim the wholeness that is ours to share.

We each have a place, response, and choice when we open to this wide embrace in which we’re immersed, a playground in which we stretch, ingest, eliminate, touch, and play.

I watch my grandson on video as he learns to crawl. Delight sprays through me as I watch his legs go up and down, and sometimes he just lets go and lays flat on the floor. Through it all, he makes sounds to help the work of the play, and he looks up with a smile, because he knows it’s not just him who’s crawling and rising and falling. It’s all of us, and he’s young enough to know the truth of the oneness we share.

Memorial Day weekend is on approach, a time I always retreat to remember, and of course, this time, it’s necessary, and yet, I feel my heart reach out to honor and balance love and hope, as I release the ropes and lines of fear.

Chime the Gong We Are

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