Tonight I’m with Frank Ostaseski’s Five Invitations.

Don’t wait.

Welcome everything; push away nothing.

Bring your whole self to the experience.

Find a place of rest in the middle of things.

Cultivate don’t know mind.

The 8:00 howl tonight was even more exuberant than usual.  Everyone’s home and it’s a three day weekend.  In the past, our little town has gathered together for a down home Memorial Day parade.   Little Leaguers and Cub Scouts march down the street.  There are dogs,  bikes, strollers,  and amusement rides and music at the local park.  All of that is cancelled of course, and perhaps that’s why celebration is rocking the hood tonight. 

The birds have now joined in the howl, so not just the turkeys but tweeting birds and crows.  People honk horns and tonight a plane flew over.  The owl is waiting for dark and quiet.  It’s a weekend to remember and honor, and perhaps more than ever, we’re grateful for life, love, family, and friends as we continue to shelter-in-place.

Grandson is 7 months old today!

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