This morning I woke from dreams where every child was educated to bring forth their dreams.  Yesterday I noticed fluffiness in the little nest outside my bedroom, and today when I peek, I’m caught on the flight of mother bird and baby bird, a loud morning greeting tweet, and a softer, quicker one.  They tweet from the nearby Maple tree.  

I feel my being reorganizing with this pandemic.  We’re brought to a new awareness of interdependence, and the importance of each one of us.  We’re seeing lies exposed as we shine a light on the truth of divisions created to support unfathomable lifestyles of a few.  

May we each find our way to our own inner light and truth and may we mother ourselves with the dedication of the mother bird who graces the nest outside my home.  May we each find our way to twine and guide. 

Morning Maple in Fog

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