When we moved here from San Clemente in 1978, one son wasn’t yet one and the other just four.  One day, curious,  I drove to the end of a nearby road and parked.  I put the youngest in his stroller and off the three of us went.  Cows came up and nuzzled my son in his stroller.  Not knowing where the path would end, we wound our way to the ocean.  

Now, Tennessee Valley is a well publicized part of the Golden Gate National Recreation area.  I’m grateful it’s preserved but the cows are gone, and the crowds have come.

I walked there today with a good friend.  We wore masks and stayed six feet apart.  About 50% of the people we saw did the same.  It’s a strange divide when someone runs past, no mask, and you automatically sense danger and turn away.

These photos give a taste of the beauty of the day.  

Walking Toward

A Place to Sit

A Gathering of Rocks

Walking Back

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