This morning I read Heather Cox Richardson and try not to sink into what the Republican party is trying to do to education.  A democracy needs a well-educated populace.  We need public education, and we need to keep our children safe, safe in every way.

A friend works with children in Spain.  She can already see a tightening in their throat and jaw, a ring around to the occiput in back.  How are our children affected by shelter-in-place?   

I sit with that now, notice my teeth, notice how they sit in my jaw.  Am I offering the contraction of fear to that space, or the expansiveness of love?

How am I tasting what’s here?

I close my eyes and feel the caress of the layers of eyelids on the liquidity of eyeballs.   I rest there.  

Pir Elias Amidon writes: 

Your soul is not a thing.  

It is the fragrance of your life.

Emily Dickinson wrote:

The only news I know 

Is bulletins all day 

From immortality.  

In case you’re not Emily Dickinson, and are interested in the happenings of today, here’s the link:

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