Form is not a distraction from emptiness. This movie of waking life is not a problem that needs to be solved, or some kind of cosmic mistake that needs to be transcended. It is more like a dance or a painting or a song to be enjoyed, sometimes in the way a comedy is enjoyed, sometimes in the way a tragedy is enjoyed, sometimes in the way a mystery is enjoyed, sometimes in the way turning off the TV is enjoyed. The body and this whole amazing world of apparent form is so beautiful, so precious, and so utterly fleeting. And the more deeply you enter into any apparent form, the more it dissolves into formlessness.

– Joan Tollifson

I’m sitting with this, this morning.

Sadness washed through me last night when I read that the county in which I live is tightening back up.  I hadn’t taken advantage of the opening except I had scheduled a haircut which is now cancelled.  I used to have long hair, and then, I went through chemotherapy, and had no hair, and then I decided I liked it short, and now, hmmm ….

I feel awake in some odd way.  Perhaps it’s seeing my grandchild on Facetime.  He’s almost 9 months old, and yesterday felt like he was playing his dad.  He loves to go for the phone, and his dad tries to keep it from him, and so, yesterday he would crawl toward something dangerous, and while his dad was moving to lift him away, he’d turn and head for the phone.  What a game, and of course I laugh and laugh because it is so fun, and now today, I notice the freedom in my breath from the laughter.  

We need to laugh and play as we adjust with curiosity and exploration to each new day.

Meeting the World

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