The song, Summertime is with me, even though the fog is in and I need a jacket when I go outside.  

Iowa raised up until sixth grade, I’m also with the knowing “Fourth of July, and the corn is knee high”, and yet, corn has been in the stores for a month and of course July is moving along.

The big conversation these days among women my age is grandchildren and whether or not to see them other than on Facetime or Zoom, and if so, how close to get.  Is six feet far enough?  Too close?

Does one dare reach out and touch a sweet foot?  One touch.  One foot.  

Well, today is a test, and today I’m with tears, sweet tears, gentle ones, the kind that moisten and touch the Love we all share.  May this day bring the sun’s rays to touch, tickle, and tingle us all!

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