Some of you know that one of my sons and his wife adopted a rescue greyhound.  He descended from a lineage of winners but brilliant dog that he was, he came in last in the few races he was in.  He was a lover, not a runner, so he was put out for adoption and they were the blessed ones who got this amazing dog. 

Because they both were working at the time and he could not be left alone, I was given the pleasure of spending days with him and introducing him to stairs and glass doors and simple things like that.  Senna, named after Aryton Senna, the race car driver, and I bonded in a way that I can’t explain.  I loved, and we all loved, that dog, and I use the word loosely, as clearly he was an amazing being.    

Senna passed away during shelter-in-place so I said goodbye on Facetime.  His human parents were with him as he passed.

Today is the first time I’ve been in their home in this time of shelter-in-place.  On the mantel over their fireplace is an altar to Senna – his paw print – his ashes in a ceramic box with his name on it, a beautiful poem, and a painting of Senna commissioned by a friend. There’s also a book of photos created to honor the life of this being we love.

I am so touched.  My heart is a merry-go-round with all the creatures who dance around on a carousel embraced and circling in gratitude and the generous trust in grace.  

In addition today I was with my grandson.  We were in the gazebo together.  This is Senna’s dad’s meditation place, and his mom’s yoga home.  

Grandson Keo went immediately to the statue of the Buddha.  Who knows what that means but my heart is so touched, so touched, so touched.  It’s massaged all the way through with Love.  

That’s all I need to say.  May we all meet and gather in love, trust, and peace.  Is there anything else that matters? No, nothing at all!!

Jeff, Jan, and Senna on first meeting

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