I gave myself today to pause. Yesterday we drove south to see the sun and to enjoy hospitality at the home of our son and his wife.

Today I was content to watch the wind move the trees, and the fog move in and out.  I continue to watch the vine twine up the line of the spider.

Today in my sensing group, we spoke of the weight of what is going on.  Some of us are in a place of privilege as to security and safety, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t heartily affected by what is happening all around us.  There is group fear, and personal fear, and lack of touch, and each day seems to create a new reality to comprehend and pass through.

I allowed myself to feel that today, the weight of change, and in that I let the weight of thought pass down to be held by the weight of gravity in my feet, the landing pads that restore.

Jasmine climbs the spider line on approach to the web

Heart Tomato in Jeff and Jan’s Garden
Fresh basil from their garden now made into pesto
Buddha with Wild Ginger contained
View from their yard – the hills now gold, not green

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