We each have a different idea of how to organize space.

Because my husband and I are both home all the time now, today begins with a discussion of how we organize and utilize space.

When shelter-in-place began, we were in the process of organizing and discarding.  We’ve lived in this house 42 years so this was no small task, but we rented a dumpster and tossed, and put what could be given away or recycled in the garage.  There it sat since we could do no more.

Now, we’re mobilizing again.  I like cozy.  I have afghans, blankets, books, and pillows.  Steve likes stark and bare, so today there is some disagreement on what can go.

Though Steve likes stark, he’s also a sucker for gadgets.  He set one on the table and I had no idea its purpose. Steve bought it to turn vegetables into spirals, but that hasn’t happened in who knows how many years. That’s going.

Each year we get our trees trimmed.   Each year the cost is shocking but essential.

Today I asked the arborist about my Holly tree. I’ve been fertilizing and pruning to deal with aphids farmed by ants.  He suggested I buy some ladybugs, so I went to our local nursery, learned what they needed, and now ladybugs are happily exploring their new environment.

It’s another example of connection, and how easily a problem can be solved.  Now, to the cupboards to empty and refill with just the right amount of space to satisfy us both.

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