I sent a photo of the apples in the basket to the neighbor who gave them to me.  She used a watercolor app to send it back. Wow!

Waterlogue 1.4.3 (120) Preset Style = Fashionable Lightness = Darker Size = Large Border = Border

Waterlogue 1.4.3 (120) Preset Style = Illustration Lightness = Auto-Exposure Size = Large Border = No Border

Then another neighbor handed over the fence a just-this-morning round of homemade bread. 

Yum, and made extra crispy for Steve – nothing like bread made to one’s liking.

Life is good for me, and it just happens I have an actual bowl of cherries.

Life is a bowl full of cherries, and remember the fruit needs a pit around which to sweeten and grow!

Savor Summer Light!

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