Last night I enjoyed the full Sturgeon moon.  Birds are tweeting like crazy these days.  Is it that I’m noticing more?  With only the screen door at night, I hear the opossum make his or her way through the yard.  We now have a camera on the front so we see his or her progress, which is slow, winding, and thorough.  

The debris box is gone, and three men are putting drywall on our garage walls.  There’s something about being home all the time that says clean, clear out, and brighten what’s here even though it’s only for the two of us, and even as I type “only”, I pause.  Aren’t we enough?

I read that houses in Tahoe are selling as fast as they hit the market.  People are realizing that quality of life is what matters, and working from home and having children learn from home, has widened the choice around location and surroundings.

I keep trying to look on the bright side even as I remember meeting my friends in person, and walking without a mask.

And the sun is shining and birds are tweeting and a skunk released its protective aroma last night, and maybe that’s what I’m doing right now, saying I’m here and with the best of intentions for equanimity, somehow there’s a slight stink.

And I’m breathing and healthy, and all in my small realm, is well!

Full Moon Rising

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