Today two men delivered our washing machine, one Hispanic and one Black, both young. Our old washer had served faithfully for 25 years but after two repairs in the last month with another problem exposed, we decided to move along.

When I said to the Black man who was installing it that this one would last our lifetime as we were “old”, he said, “not old; the Soul is young.” He went on to speak of what his father and grandfather said about life being a blessing and we’re here to learn and then we move on. I felt blessed as I sat distanced from him and listened as though I were in a temple, mosque, or church, which is interesting because since we cleaned out our garage, and I bought new rugs for the entry, and plan to hang some paintings, each time I go in and out, I feel it as sacred, and say to myself, “Holy, Holy, Holy”. The words come rising up from belly and heart because yes, all is Holy and we live amidst the Angels, right here, right now, so stroke the Angel in you, so blessed to be alive and caressed.

The word of the day, for me, has moved, though still embraced, from resilience to connection to empathy. Michelle Obama spoke of empathy in her speech at the DNC, and I’m hearing it over and over. Have empathy for ourselves, and all that’s here in this world we share.

We’re still encased in smoke, and today I read to video all the rooms in our home, video all we have. What I see in all of this is how much I value what is here, all I’ve collected and been given, and what matters is the people and animals in my life. I may have to walk away from it all, and in many ways, that’s always true.

I open a journal of quotes from Charlotte Selver, my first teacher of Sensory Awareness.

“Is it possible that we could feel more deeply and fully what we happen to do at the moment, and allow our fuller contact with it? So that not the past and not the future and not the anger about what happened two minutes ago or ten years ago stands in our way and holds us back – but we are all there for what is now.”

And yet I reach back for photos as today the sky is gray with smoke and ash.

The morning sky the other day – today is gray with smoke –
This photo of the sky from the other day reminds me of Monet

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