The fog rolled in last night.  That should help with fighting fires and dampening down the smoke.  Yesterday I had errands to do, just two, but that little time outside allowed the smoke to affect my heart and lungs.  I could feel it, perhaps exasperated by the lies coming from the RNC.  

I try to understand.  I want to understand but I’m flabbergasted.   

Ruth Asawa worked to bring art into the schools.  She knew what it meant to have artists teaching her when she was young.  We share our gifts.  Perhaps that sharing was part of her resilience and untiring energy to feed, help, and inspire others.  

Perhaps it’s for each of us to create art each day, to draw flowers in our hearts, and sprinkle nosegays in our lungs.  It is to know the world is beautiful with or without smoke.

We are being tested in a variety of ways and it is to see how creativity and imagination can spark and soothe, open and connect the patterns and relationships in each day.  

Here’s a taste of Ruth. “Bucky” is Buckminster Fuller.

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