Today I’m with how each of us leads our lives.  What guides us?   How do we step in and out of our own skin and circulatory system as we exchange in a world seemingly diverse but within, perhaps the same, though guided by how we squeeze muscle, bone, and fluid?

I’ve been working with my eyes and eyelids, with how I open and close my eyes, how quickly, how long.  Do I press on the eye with the lid or allow layers and layers like in phyllo dough to float apart like fluffs of cottony clouds on a sunny day?

Do I meet my eyeballs with thunderclouds or with soft springs rising from underground?

For me as I continue to mainly shelter-in-place, honoring isolation, this is a time to go within, to feel, honor, and sense the rhythms of this being I am, moment by moment.  Who am I, and what am I now, and now, and now?

What leads me in equanimity today?

A friend shares that she was sitting in a park when a man walked by holding a turtle.  He stopped to explain that 14 year old Shelley likes to be carried to the park to play in the grass each day.  

One might ask how he knows this.  Clearly, he’s honed his listening skills, attuned his ability to receive the needs and requests of another.

Events like this make up our day.  

I’m now in a “pod” of safety with my ten month old grandson so Wednesday is my day to be with him.  Yesterday we were in his front yard when the garbage truck rumbled by.  What a thrill!   Grandson waved and the man in the truck waved back. 

Later, a woman walked by and seeing a curious baby stopped to ask his age, and then said, “I love you.”  He can’t say the words but he knows what they mean.  He waved his arms. I’ve been teaching him sigh language for I love you, so he knows there is a bodily response. I said to her, this beautiful woman, “I love you too.”

Moments like this make up a day.   

I love you!  Words that light the world when spoken, written, or signed.

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