The Dalai Lama says: Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

It’s been eight months since our lives so dramatically changed.  For many of us, the place we’re exploring that we’ve never been before is to travel further within and see the stars sparkling there as we form constellations of our own making.

Our family is discussing the celebration of Thanksgiving.  Gathering requires the cooperation of the weather as we need to be outside.  I look at tents.  Maybe we could each be in our own tent, but then, there is the question of bathrooms and so I look at portable toilets, and then, I pause and look at the ripening sky.

I was thrilled to be soaked in rain yesterday. The wind blew and leaves flew. All cleansed.

My local grocery store has extended hours before Thanksgiving and on the day because so many people will be cooking. There’s something cozy in that, and yet, my son is clear.  Family gets together on Thanksgiving, and as my husband and I become more cautious with this, we say, “Yes, if we can be outside”, and now I scroll through tents and portable toilets grateful to be alive.

The Bay yesterday at noon

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