Yesterday someone spoke of chipmunk mind rather than monkey mind and I could relate to that.  Muir Woods has many chipmunks, and I love to watch them scurry around and chip, chip, chip at food like busy little monks.

Reading Harold Gatty’s Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass, I  learn that people are asymmetrical.  98% of people are born right-handed and their right arm usually becomes longer than their left and their right shoulder becomes lower than their left.  The left brain directs the right hand so is larger in right-handed people than the left.  

Right-handed swimmers veer to the left without visual aids to guide them, and when they row, they veer to the right.

Also, one leg is usually shorter than the other which is why when we’re lost we tend to walk in circles.

Also, with a choice of two directions, we tend to turn right. Thinking about it, I realize when I enter an art gallery, museum, or grocery store, I do tend to turn right.  Notice; it’s fun.

In a sensory awareness workshop yesterday, I noticed how constricted I was, how held, and how I was allowing breath to have little effect.  I moved myself about to open up, but then when I simply stood and opened my arms out, I felt a shift.  Breath entered in.  I lifted my arms above my head, and power, joy, and breath joined in.  

Traffic yesterday was horrendous as though people are aware a new shut-down is on the way. The virus is spreading, and like this deposed president, won’t go away, and so raise your arms, and make faces, and sing and dance and hum.  We’re playgrounds; let’s play, as we stretch, sing, and dance to fully inhabit our space and enhance our day. 

The holidays come to Filoli . I root, shimmy, and grow, ever green inside!

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