In the Sensory Awareness retreat this weekend, one workshop was titled “Beyond Boundaries and Borders, Inside and Out”.

The word “limit” was used a few times in the leading, or maybe more.  I didn’t notice but one man did, a Black man who is a leader in the work.  Like me, he has been studying and practicing sensory awareness for many years.  He was triggered by the word, “limit” which for him, brought up White Supremacy.

I’m glad he said it.   We discussed language, and how we use it, and what may come up for each of us in our individual experience.  

Later in the day I was asked how the workshop was, and I responded “Perfect!” which, for me it was, whatever that means to me, since I also know perfection is static.  I know there is no “perfection”, that we’re always moving etc. but for me it was the lovingly offered and careful balance of what I needed, and in that moment, the word seemed to fit.

My friend gently reminded me that for her the word “perfect” is a trigger.  

In the Rosen work I do, language is called the “third hand”.  It’s also important in Sensory Awareness to try to put into words our sensations and share them since each of us has a different experience.  We learn from each other.

Today I’m with the power of sharing and connection, of being seen and feeling heard.  As we move toward a holiday of tradition, and try to work out how to meet, or not, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, a complex holiday as to origin, it’s increasingly important to understand and receive the impact of our words. It’s important to trust that when we share when we’re triggered, we know the response will be one of intention to understand with love and care. In each exchange, we’re touched and changed.

The rooster silent in the moment, the still weathervane

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