This morning I was tucked cozily in bed, one cat at my feet.  It was silent and then the wind blew in bringing the rain we welcome and need.

I contemplated why I was so content just lying there. Wasn’t it enough?  What would motivate me to rise from bed while it was still dark?

What is it with this list of “shoulds” most of us carry, especially now, in this world of complexity and need for change.

I remembered back to my Rosen training.  In one class with Marion Rosen, Hans Axelson, founder of Axelson Institute in Sweden, and Frank Ottiwell from Alexander Technique, each of us walked individually across the floor between two groups of people who analyzed our walk.   What did it say about how we meet, greet, and move through the world?

I was self-conscious at first, and walking very carefully and studiously, and then, Marion said, “Walk as though you’re meeting your lover”, and everything changed.  I lifted and floated easily and quickly across the floor.

We also worked with activating and using our “Marilyn Monroe” muscles, muscles located in the back close to the sacrum.  Again, I was self-conscious to swing so loosely but I played with dancing with my shadow and it was fun.

I rose with all of this in mind, seemingly floating out of bed when the words of Charlotte Selver came to me.  “Does it interest you?”

I realize that’s how we navigate our list of shoulds.  Life is short and precious.  With interest as guidance, we know our path.

Mark Twain said it well: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

It’s true of all we do.  It’s how to meet the world, with soft, open chest and face and back of neck and back of knees.  So light life can be.  

I’m floating now secure in knowing I’m pulled forth with ease by what interests me, and I offer this to you.  Meet the world as though you’re meeting your lover because you are.

Filoli : orange sculptures lying to the left in the grass as the world lights interest in change.

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