This full moon is known as the Beaver Moon because it’s cold and the time when beavers finish building their lodges to prepare for winter.  In their honor, I put a second, heavier comforter on our bed.  

I think of how devoted we are to our calendars when the weather and light let us know what’s happening.  We’re releasing into the dark.

A friend passed away recently.  She had fallen and found unconscious, had lost much of her memory but she lived in a sacred place and felt and could say her body was no longer serving her.  She fell again and became more and more luminescent as she let go, each breath a journey to what comes next.

I think of her when I read these words of Alan Watts.

“You have to get away from all that madness for a while because we become insane, we get confused with our roles, as being who we really are. Man is not his role. Man is something deeper than that. So, go into the forest or some place ALONE in nature, all by yourself, and find out who you really are! And when you no longer confuse yourself with your particular temporary body, but identify with the entire process of nature and the whole cosmos… When death comes, what a funny thing that will happen. Death comes, and will find no one to kill.”

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