Right now a friend’s discarded shell of a body is being cremated at a nearby cemetery.  I look into the air, receive transition, matter to air.  

My neighborhood is decorated both naturally, berries on the trees, and with wreaths and lights.  I love this time of year, the falling leaves juxtaposed with our, just like the trees, need and desire to open to light.

In his December newsletter, Michael Lerner from Commonweal called yesterday Wisdom Wednesday.  I think of today as Tuning Thursday, tuning myself ever more delicately for this play of dark and light.

In his newsletter, Michael wrote:  Many of you know that four months ago I had a major surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm at UCSF Medical Center. The surgery and the recovery have been a life-changing experience. I was catapulted into a new stage of life.

At 77 I am exploring in new ways the joys of what I could call active elderhood. I feel vital. I feel clear. After over half a century of thinking of myself simply as being useful, I am now discovering what it is like to take more time simply being.

Simply being – that is my tuning fork for this day.

Morning sky yesterday
Evening sky yesterday

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