This morning I refresh on the poem “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye.  

Tears and resolve come and then I read of the shooting death of 15 month old Carmelo Duncan in Washington D.C.

Perhaps the only way to meet these days is with tears, tears of liquid love honoring connection and the wells of grief that spring.

Merriam-Webster announced that “pandemic” is the word of 2020. “Pandemic,” they wrote, “is the word that has connected the worldwide medical emergency to the political response and to our personal experience of it all.” 

Also, Quarantine originally meant “40 days,” which was 226 days ago and counting.  

And from an unknown source:

Forget “dance like nobody’s watching”.  Dance like a toddler.  They don’t even care if there’s music.

Enjoy this fourth day of December as you honor what calls you with kindness and trust.  

Morning Light

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