A friend recommends the book The Power of Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell.  It’s been sitting here calling, almost like a demand,  but in this month of December, I rise early to meditate and today, after immersion, I reach for the book.

My heart has been feeling heavy with the weight of the world.  

Today, I read to listen to myself, as I would listen to a friend.

Listening  to my body and the weight of my heart, I say to my heart: “Hello, Dear Friend Heart, thank you for being here for me.  I’m here for you. I’m here to listen.”

Heart responds. I feel my heart as a giant thundercloud filled with water that with my listening, releases.  Ah, rain, fluidity, renewal.   Roots fill and reach.  Tears that have been held moisturize and dissipate.  Breath!



I don’t need to carry the world’s pain in my heart like a thundercloud.  I can welcome, expand, and tenderize what constricts and holds anger, misunderstanding, and fear.   I can become the ocean and sky and allow clouds to flow through me with ease and release.  I say, yes to the marriages I carry within. I do.

It’s an emotional time of year, a time when darkness invites us to enter the sanctuary we are. Enter and listen. The light is here.

Looking into the bay from a pier

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