Words stand between silence and silence: between the silence of things and the silence of our own being, between the silence of the world and the silence of God. When we have really met and known the world in silence, words do not separate us from the world nor from other[s], nor from God, nor from ourselves because we no longer trust entirely in language to contain reality.

— Thomas Merton

I sit with the words of Thomas Merton this morning, absorbed in the sound of the heater warming our house.  It’s still dark as the solstice continues on approach.  I love the clarity that comes with honoring the shifting of the light.

With the pandemic, I feel less dependence on words, almost as though I could let them go like leaves released from trees, and yet here I am wondering what to share.

I close my eyes and allow the top of my head to open and lift.  Jupiter and Saturn come together on the 21st to form a Solstice star.  This conjunction in the sky is another sign we are coming together to embrace what’s new.

With all that Trump has done that I find despicable, this with executions is the final slash.  The good news is that this act of cruelty may end the death penalty.  We come together for change.

Yesterday above Sutro Baths
Nature not revealing a homeless camp nearby
And there’s the Bridge

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