Perhaps it’s winter awareness of the night sky, but today my eye is drawn to the book Grrrrr, A Collection of Poems about Bears edited by CB Follett.  

Perhaps it’s also that bears are hibernating right now so something in their dreams growls in my heart.

Maybe all animals are asking us to come together and save their habitat.

In the book, Doug Peacock writes: The richest, most diversified grizzly bear habitats were found in the state of California … The only incontestable fact about California grizzly bears is that there aren’t any left.  We shot them all.

Tears come and then there’s a knock on my door – Tom and Maggie stand there, stand back, wearing masks, bearing a Christmas bag of homemade cookies. We used to go with them to cut our Christmas tree, now we stand back and exchange.

This is hard.  It’s Christmas and we can’t see family and friends.  May we all unite in gazing up at the sky tonight.   Maybe we’ll see bears!

One of three Christmas Bears gracing my fireplace.

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