I like to leave this day open to reflect.  I honor the solstice pause.  On December 21st, the sun, that appears to us to stop moving southward, pauses, and then moves northward.  

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol” for sun, and “sisto” for stop.

Even as I pause, I feel myself “champing at the bit” to get back to “normal” in this new year.

My doctor daughter-in-law keeps cautioning we’re in this for a long while.  The vaccine requires two doses, so even when I qualify which is probably months away, I’ll still wear my mask and curtail my activities.  

I think in each of us, there is a felt sense of the change in light, and a movement toward the bud to ripen and grow.  I want to be the opened flower picking off the petals of my life to reach the fruit.  I think I’ve handled isolation reasonably well, but today I feel frisky.  I want to romp with family and friends.

And now I look up and a squirrel is running along the branches of the redwood tree outside my window.  Who wants to romp, squirrel or me?  And now I look at the trunk of the tree.  Let contentment root.  Birds are tweeting and threading movement in the sky.  There are no clouds today, and the blue seems still until a hawk, crow, raven, or vulture sweeps through.

May birth spin within!

Where’s the Squirrel? Hiding or scampered!

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