My young friend Katie Zarling Buono, well, the age of my sons,  survived an unbelievably challenging bone marrow transplant, and is a wonderful wife, mother, teacher, and human being.

She posted this today on FB:  Finally sitting down to do grading and I find myself getting tearful in that joyful, grateful, utterly verklempt way. I’m so proud of my students and all they’ve endured this year… One writes as part of their reflection: “I learned that I get uneasy around the unknown. I like certainty; however, during this process, I realized that I have to push myself even if I am not 100% positive the project will go perfectly.” Isn’t that just the key to it all? Learning to deal with uncertainty and moving forward regardless? Damn. If this is the only thing my students learn from me, then I’m happy.

I’m happy there are teachers like Katie.  My understanding is that teachers for K to 12 are essential workers and will get the vaccine soon.  It’s always a time of transition between Christmas and New Years, and this year feels even more clear.  

We open gratefully and with necessity and resilience to uncertainty,  stretch, and change.

Morning Crow

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