I am sad to learn this morning that Barry Lopez has passed away.  

Bill Moyers reports from an interview with Barry that one of his most important teachers, never wrote a book or stood in a classroom, “I can remember walking on different — what a scientist would call a substrate — walking in sand or on rock or across water. Not on the water. But my body will talk to me and say, ‘I was listening when you were not paying attention. And here’s what your body learned through its senses about the world that you were moving in.’ So, the earth has been a teacher.”

This morning I watched Jeanine Martin in an interview with Stefan Laeng, the executive director of the Sensory Awareness Foundation, say what Sensory Awareness has meant to her this year.  “Breathing is like flowers blossoming.”

This next Saturday Stefan will lead a free class at 9:00 Pacific time.  Check it out, and if you’re intrigued, keep following the SAF offerings, and perhaps make a donation to gratefully support this powerful and life-changing work.  

Here’s a beautiful and inspiring look at sensing through Jeanine.

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